Commentary of My Husband's Preach

Wow! What a Sunday. My husband is an amazing preacher.  I love listening to him bring the Word of God to the people, no matter what age group they are.  

This week he spoke on Breakthrough to Your Promise Land.  So many times we get a bit of a breakthrough and we get content and distracted and we don't push through to receive the fullness of the promise.  The full breakthrough that we are intended.

He spoke from Joshua 6, the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho.  He talked about the fact that our church just came through a season of Lent.  Many of us gave up something for Lent and were believing for breakthrough in different areas of our lives.  Some of us don't feel any closer to our breakthrough than before the 40 day fast. 

Joshua's men needed to march around Jericho seven times before the walls of Jericho came down.  What if they gave up?  What if they only marched around six times?  

Here are a few of my favourite lines from my husband's message:

"I don't mind marching but I just need to know how many more laps. I don't mind hanging in there as long as I know when its going to stop hurting. I can keep my head up if I know the end is coming."

"And God says NO I need you to do your laps so that you are prepared, and when you get into your promise, you'll know who got you there!"

"Lets move, come on you cant stop. You didn't come this far to stop, you didn't stay married this long to walk away. Keep marching, keep marching, keep marching."

Be encouraged!  Don't give up!  Keep looking ahead.  Don't let distraction get in the way of you receiving the fullness of your promise.

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