God's Not Dead - Movie Review

Mark & I went to see 'God's Not Dead' today.  This movie was produced by Pure Flix studios.  

We have shown many Pure Flix movies at our church for special movie events and we've always been pleased with the calibre of cinema that they have produced.  'God's Not Dead' completely surpassed all of our expectations.  Pure Flix outdid themselves.  

This is definitely a movie that we will want to own and add to our collection and we will most likely be showing it to our church once it is available for public showing.

'God's Not Dead' is about a university freshman that has his faith challenged by his philosophy teacher.  This movie also brings together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief and includes many real life situations that we all face.  This movie is very inspirational and will most likely challenge your own faith and walk with God.  

'God's Not Dead' left my husband and I engaging in some great conversation and feeling inspired.  

I won't give away any of the story line, just know that I do recommend this movie and give it two thumbs up!  We had to drive out of town to see it and felt it was well worth our time.

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