Movie Review - Noah

Mark & I went to see Noah on the weekend.  

First of all let me tell you that we both felt it was a waste of our time and money.

It wasn't a movie that I felt I had to see right away.  I was comfortable waiting for the dvd release.  However, we both felt we wanted to see it so that we could make our own personal assessment.

We decided before we entered the theatre that we wouldn't judge it if it wasn't 'based on the book'.  We decided that we would keep an open mind and expect that the story line would deviate from the true facts.

Noah is writer-director Darren Aronofksy's interpretation of the story of Noah and the flood. 

It certainly wasn't true to the biblical version - but we expected that it wouldn't be.

The movie was too long. It was boring and gloomy.  There was nothing uplifting in the film.  I had a headache when I left.

I do understand that the premise of God flooding the earth and wiping out most of mankind is for the most part not going to be a happy tale to show, however, this film was full of darkness and didn't leave you with any good feelings at all.

One of the discrepancies that bothered me the most was how Aronofsky portrayed that Noah was not hearing from God and that Noah interpreted that God wanted Noah's family to be the last of mankind living on the earth.

Mark & I enjoy going to the movies, however, like I'm sure is the same with most of you, your time is precious and you want to be intentional with how you spend it.  I don't recommend that you use up some of your time by seeing this movie.  If you're curious, wait until the dvd release, that way you can always turn it off if you want and you won't have committed quite as much money either.

As we were leaving the movie, I told my husband of one positive outcome that I could imagine coming from people seeing the movie Noah.  I felt that movie goers might have had their curiosity piqued enough to go home and pull out a bible and read the true version of Noah and discover God.

My recommendation:  If you'd like to see a movie about Noah that isn't quite so dark and gloomy, then rent Evan Almighty.  This movie is not strictly true to the Noah of the bible either, however, it's far more enjoyable and you won't feel as though you've lost two hours that you'll never see again.

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