Happy New Year!  As the new year was approaching, I began to think about what might be in store for my husband and I and our family in 2015.  I began to think about my priorities and goals for my life.

If you were to ask me to list my life priorities I would easily list them as God first, my husband second, my children third, and everything else would follow after that.

I feel strongly about my list of priorities, however, most people would probably incite their list quite similarly.  Priorities are more complicated than this though.

I try to be purposeful about my life and plan ahead to ensure that my calendar works for me and that it doesn't take over. Our family schedule can be busy and I want to make sure that we are saying 'yes' to the things we need to and omit the things that aren't necessary. 

As I was considering my life priorities I felt myself being challenged.  Am I actually living out my life according to my priorities?  Would my husband and children feel that they are important in my life?

As a Christian, God should not only be my first priority, He should invade every area of my life.  My love for and obedience to God should cause Him to be a priority in everything I do.

My husband should never come second to my children, even during the seasons of life where my children are fully dependent on me.

As I was looking ahead into the next year, I became more aware of being purposeful and to make sure I'm living out my priorities.  I don't like to get so busy 'doing' that life just happens and my schedule overtakes me.  I want to know that I'm living out my purpose.

My husband and I reflected back over this past year, as we do every year at this time.  It was fun remembering all of the great experiences and accomplishments. It was a great opportunity to remember how blessed we are.  

Take some time to reflect, then take some time to look ahead and dream.  Decide what your priorities are and see how you can choose to set up your life to live them out.



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