Things I Love About My Husband

Mark and I started dating 33 years ago.  

We became best friends and fell in love.  I am so blessed to have been married to the love of my life for over 25 years.   Staying married and being together until 'death do us part' is non-negotiable for us.

I still get excited when I see him.  If he sends me a special text telling me he loves me or an email telling me I'm beautiful, my face lights up and my heart is full.

Everyday is not a fairytale. Marriage means committing to real life together. Forever.  Marriage is a Vow.  Not a contract.  

My husband adores me and I love and and respect him. 

My love for him has continued to grow and to honor him I'm making a list of what I love about him.  It will continue to grow as I am reminded daily of his many character attributes that have captured my heart.

1. He loves God.
2. He loves me.
3. He loves our children.
4. He is funny. He has a quick sense of humour.  He shows his love to me by letting me be the object of his humour.
5. He is incredibly intelligent.
6. He has amazing blue eyes. When he looks into my eyes, my heart melts.
7. He says he's proud of me.  (Wow!  That is so important to me.)
8. I love his voice.  
9. The way he forgives me when I make mistakes.
10. He prays with me and for me.  This speaks so deeply to me and solidifies our relationship.
11. He always holds my hand whenever we are walking.
12. He is a great cook and enjoys making meals for me.
13. He vacuums and mops. Every week. (I know I am spoiled.)
14. He likes to take care of me.
15. He is the perfect height for me.
16. Although he is right most of the time, he doesn't rub it in.
17. He can always make my troubles go away with an 'I love you'.
18. I can tell him anything and he won't be shocked.
19. He has incredible integrity.
20. He is all I've ever wanted for my husband.
21. He didn't freak when I got a tattoo without telling him.
22. He is patient with me.
23. His strength. Physical and spiritual.
24. He inspires me and brings adventure to my life.
25. He is my biggest encourager and supporter.
26. He is very sexy.
27. His strong arms.
28. He sets goals and achieves them.
29. He dreams with me.
30. He is creative.
31. He often puts me first.
31. He wants to make my dreams come true.
32. He is ambitious.
33. I feel so protected when he wraps his strong arms around me.
34. When he reads to me.
35. I love when he surprises me.
36. He is thoughtful.
37. He has fun with me.
38. I can be silly with him.
39. He'll take me shopping.
40. He celebrates marriage.
41. I love when he sings to me.
42. He thinks I'm sexy.
43. He is an incorrigible tease.
44. He is generous with me. Sometimes too much.
45. He loves me freely. He only expects me to be me.
46. He inspires me to be my very best. He never gives up on me.
47. He invests in me.
48. His confidence in himself.
49. He handles stress very well. He brings peace to me.
50. He is willing to try anything.
51. He sees more in me than I often do.
52. He is prompt. I am not.
53. I love standing beside him.
54. He talks to me.
55. He has always made 'us' a priority.
56. He tells me he loves me.
57. He is a great kisser.
58. He is good at forgiving me for my occasional stupidity.
59. He is the friend and the lover that I've always dreamed of.
60. He is my best friend.
61. He extends grace to me when I definitely don't deserve it.
62. He works tirelessly for our family
63. He is open and honest with me
64. He doesn't let our conflicts carry over to another day
65. He makes great eggs - the way I like them
66. He is great at decision making
67. He reads his bible
68. He is steadfast
69. He likes to have fun with me

Too be continued....

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