Heaven is for Real - Movie Review

Mark & I along with his parents and our daughter Sarah and her husband Evan went to the movies on Good Friday and saw Heaven is for Real.

First of all, I recommend you read the book. Even if you've already seen the movie.  The book has so many more details that will fill in the blanks for you after seeing the movie.

Heaven is for Real is the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son Colton's extraordinary experience with the world. 

I read the book two summers ago.  The story was very moving.  It helped me to further embrace the excitement of seeing heaven someday.  My father was ill at the time and has since passed away.  Reading this book inspired me to celebrate my father's passing on to heaven and the better life he would enjoy there.

One of the most moving parts of the book is when Colton tells his mom that he met his sister.  The mother had a miscarriage and Colton had never been told about the baby.  Colton describes the sister that he met and how she doesn't have a name.  

For anyone who has had an unborn child, this part of the book will bring you to tears.  The reminder of our children waiting for us in heaven is very comforting.

I do recommend seeing Heaven is for Real, although as most often happens when you've enjoyed a book, the movie doesn't have the time needed to portray all of the written details.
See the movie, but make sure you also read the book.

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