Busy, Busy, Busy

Mark and I have always had a busy life for the most part.  The season we are in now seems to be one of the busiest.

We have three wonderful children who are all young adults now. Their lives intertwine with ours for the most part and we are enjoying having two of our children still living at home. 

Letting busyness rule your life can be detrimental to your marriage and family.  

Quality time is my love language.  But don't be fooled about the myth of 'quality time'.  I'd rather have 2 hours of doing 'nothing' with my husband than ten minutes of 'quality' conversation.  I'm just as happy curling up with him and watching a movie so that we can just decompress while being together.  

Mark and I look for opportunities to be together as well as plan time to be together.  You need to be intentional.  

Take a walk together.  It's a perfect opportunity to hold hands and connect with each other without any distractions. 

Plan a date at the beginning of your busy week and one at the end. Our marriages need intimate connection.  We refuel by spending time together.

Turn off the tv. Find other ways to relax together. Perhaps give each other a massage. 

Look for ways to facilitate conversation. This is so important during seasons of busyness.

Use technology.  Send each other texts and emails. Picture texts can be lots of fun too!  
If you have time, have a quick phone call. Hearing each other's voice can be a nice change.

Are you free for lunch?  Connecting in the middle of the work day can be a great way to spend time together.  The end of the work day can be a tiring and busy time as you arrive home to make supper and maneuver home life.

Pray together.  You don't have time not to.  Praying together is one of the most intimate things you can do as a couple.

KISS!  There's nothing that connects you more than kissing.  Greet each other with a kiss.  Leave each other with a kiss.  Kiss just because you're in the same room.  And don't forget to linger.  This is the person you love more than anyone.  Your best friend.  The one you get to share your whole life with.  

Intimacy reenergizes you and builds deep connection for your marriage.  Out of this time together you can face the challenges and life stuff that comes along.

Make time for each other! It's so worth it.

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