Movie Review - Captain America

Mark & I had a date night this past Friday night.  We hadn't been to the movies in quite a while, so we had a few to choose from.

We decided to see Captain America in 2D. When we have a choice our preference is to not see a movie in 3D.  Just our personal preference.

We purchased our tickets through the app on Mark's phone.  When we tried to scan in, the app wasn't connecting properly with the ticket machine.  A cast member at the theatre assisted us and directed us to our theatre.  Unfortunately he directed us to the wrong theatre.  We ended up seeing our movie in 3D.

We personally find the 3D version to be a little darker and not as well lit as the 2D option.

Captain America was full of great action scenes and for the most part the movie was very fast paced.

The movie focused on some of the early days of Steve Rogers and how he became Captain America.

Chris Evans plays the role of Captain America very well and it was nice to see Robert Redford competently playing a key role in the movie.

Marvel Studios certainly makes the best comic book film adaptations.

This film was definitely on par with the first Captain America release.

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